How do I Become a member of airstream club australia?

We are not a large club so, at this stage, we don't have any requirements for you to join our rallies. We welcome anyone that owns an Airstream to join us for our super fun, social weekends! Just keep your eye on our Upcoming Events, follow the club's instagram account (@airstreamclubaustralia) and like our Facebook page to keep up to date. 

Can I advertise my Airstream business on the 'Hire' page?

Yes! You need to be an active member of the club by attending at least one rally.


This will depend upon where you live in Australia and how old your caravan is.  In Victoria, for example, the design rules for doors on the right hand side only became law in 1984 so anything manufactured before then is exempt.

Every state is different so you will need to contact the relevant authority for your state (e.g. VicRoads in Victoria, RTA in New South Wales) before your consider importing. Ring the Head Office and ask to speak to someone about registering a caravan that pre-dates the introduction of the Australian Design Rules. The cut-off dates vary for each state but if your caravan is pre-1969 you should be exempt from moving the door Australia-wide.

Is it difficult to register a vintage Airstream in australia?

Please ring your local road authority to ask about the registration process relevant to your State. Some things you may need to consider are moving the caravan door (see above answer) and external light requirements (e.g. brake lights, indicator lights).

I'm not a club member, can i attend a rally?

Yes! If you don't own an Airstream you are still more than welcome to drop in and chat with us at our rallies! We'll even show you through our silver babies :) Take a look at our Upcoming Events to see if we'll be gathering near you!